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Grants Spectrum Australia (GSA) provides a broad range of services designed to help businesses make the most of government grants and concessions that are available to them. Our services include:

Eligibility assessment

After an initial telephone discussion, we will meet you for a no-obligation meeting (at no charge). At this meeting, we discuss your business operations and objectives to identify whether your company is likely to be eligible for government grants that are currently available. We also discuss your business expenditures and bookkeeping processes to determine whether you are missing out on any expenses you can legitimately claim under R&D, which attract a 25% tax concession.

Because of our extensive experience in the field of government grants and tax concessions for businesses, we are very familiar with the technical definitions and eligibility criteria that are involved, and we can quickly assess what financial benefits may be available to you. You may be interested to know that R&D tax deduction eligibility is impacted by more than 12 court cases and 50 tax rulings – and we make it our mission to stay on top of this information so that we can provide the best advice in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

R&D strategy, planning, restructuring and documentation

In many cases, there are aspects of your operations and organisational structure that can be changed to improve the likelihood and scale of the financial benefit your business can receive. We can advise you regarding how to restructure your business as well as your bookkeeping methods to maximise any government grant or tax deduction your business may be entitled to.

We also draft an R&D plan for your business that includes all necessary content and is formatted so that it can be used for internal use as well as review by any external agencies.

We help draft your grant application, which again, because of our experience, will contain all elements that will enhance its likelihood of success. GSA is particularly skilled at translating technical information into a style and format that will be understood by grant assessors, who may not be from a technical background or familiar with your particular area of expertise.

R&D commercialisation

Because of our considerable experience in assisting businesses throughout Australia, GSA has a diverse and widespread network of contacts. Where it has been appropriate, we have been able to introduce businesses to one another, where a mutual commercial interest may exist. In some cases, this has led to the development of new products, borne out of the synergy of the connection.

We have also been able to advise businesses on how to take their product to market, to maximise its potential for success.

Grants advisory

GSA keeps abreast of all the government grants on offer and the eligibility criteria that apply to each. In this way, we can advise you about which types of grants are most likely to match up with your business. Current government grants include:

  • Australian Technology Showcase (ATS)
  • Climate Ready
  • Commercialisation Australia
  • Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)
  • Enterprise Connect
  • Green Building Fund
  • Innovation Pathways Program
  • Retooling for Climate Change

Contact GSA today on (M) 0418 281 870 or by email at info@grantsspectrum.com.au to discuss how your business can benefit from GSA’s expertise to make the most of government grants and tax concessions that may be available to you.


The Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) is a national networking program aimed at promoting and developing export markets for innovative..


Commercialisation Australia

Commercialisation Australia was announced as part of the 2009-10 Federal Budget as part of the Australian Government’s 10 year vision.


Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect is an initiative of the Australian Government that offers comprehensive advice and support to eligible Australian small...


Green Building Fund

The Green Building Fund is an initiative set up by the Australian Government, which aims to reduce green house gas emissions that come as a result...


R&D Tax Concession

The RD Tax Concession remains applicable for the 2009/2010 financial year and is being replaced by the R&D Tax Offset for the 2010/2011 financial year.



The Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) is a program set up by the Australian Government which is a program whose goal is to support…



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