Enterprise Connect

What is it?

Enterprise Connect is an initiative of the Australian Government that offers comprehensive advice and support to eligible Australian small and medium-sized enterprises to help them transform and reach their full potential. Eligible businesses are able to request a comprehensive, confidential and independent Business Review at no charge. Working from 11 centres throughout Australia, Enterprise Connect’s Business Advisors work with you to transform your business holistically so the solutions are sustainable for the future.

Enterprise Connect also delivers a number of targeted support programs to address specific business and regional development needs. Benefits include:

A Business Review

a comprehensive, on-site analysis of your business by an Enterprise Connect Business Adviser. Your advisor will continue to provide a range of advisory services for at least 12 months following your review. This is a free service.

Technology and Knowledge Connect (TKC)

provided free of charge in the Business Review process, this involves a team of experts working with the Business Advisors to diagnose technological issues and opportunities for firms, connect business with sources of expertise and suppliers and help businesses access prototyping and testing facilities.
Tailored Advisory Service Grant

this grant will reimburse your firm for 50% of engaging a consultant to deliver improvements that were recommended in your business review. Tailored Advisory Service Grants are available up to a maximum of $20 000.
Researchers In Business Grant

provides up to 50% of salary costs for a researcher from a university or public research agency, where such a placement would help develop and implement a new idea with commercial potential. Researchers In Business Grants are available up to a maximum of $50 000 per placement.
Workshops, Industry Intelligence & Networking (WIIN) Program

provides awareness of seminars, workshops, case studies, networking events etc. to provide education in relevant innovations, technologies, expertise and best practice for businesses in the Enterprise Connect network.
Technology Partnerships Equipment Register

a register of firms with leading edge equipment and a capacity to assist other firms.



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Are you eligible?

  • You must possess an ACN.
  • You must operate in one of the following sectors or regions:
  1. Manufacturing or manufacturing related services
  2. Mining Technology
  3. Defence
  4. Clean Energy
  5. Creative Industries
  6. Remote Australia
  • You must be solvent.
  • You must have filed Business Activity Statements for at least three consecutive years.
  • You must meet the relevant turnover or expenditure thresholds. These must be met in the current financial year or one of the two preceding years:
  1. Manufacturing, Mining Technology and Defence
  2. Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth- between $2 and $100 million
  3. Regional areas- between $1.5 and $100 million
  4. Clean Energy and Creative Industries- between $1.5 and $100 million
  5. Remote Australia- between $750 thousand and $100 million
  • You must not have received an equivalent Business Review service from other Government programs within the last three calendar years.


A Business Review is provided to assist you in planning for your future growth.
Subsidised tailored advisory services may be able to be accessed if they were identified in the business review.

Potential disadvantages

Participation can be extremely time consuming.

What do you do next?

Draw on our knowledge and experience to maximise your potential for success.

Contact us to discuss in general terms, how well your business matches the eligibility criteria. Contact GSA today on (M) 0418 281 870 or by email on info@grantsspectrum.com.au for an initial consultation at no cost or obligation. We look forward to helping you grow your business by accessing all of the government financial benefits to which your business is entitled.


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