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If it is eligible for a government grant or tax concession and then ensure you to maximise it.


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We’ll help identify if your business is eligible for a government grant or tax concession and then ensure you maximise it.

With more than 300 government grants and a broad range of tax concessions available, it can be daunting for many business owners to know where to start – and to feel confident that they are accessing all of the benefits to which they are entitled.

This is where Grants Spectrum Australia (GSA) can help. GSA specialises in assisting small, medium and large companies to obtain government grants and tax concessions, and to maximise the size of the financial benefit they receive.

Over the past two decades, Rick Eardley (founder of GSA) has assisted hundreds of businesses to secure government grants and to acquire substantial tax concessions. During this time, Rick has amassed extensive and highly detailed knowledge of the eligibility criteria and how it is interpreted – and helped his clients to secure significant financial advantages as a result.

Identify all aspects of your business operations that will attract a grant or tax concession

As a business owner, you may be surprised by the types of expenses you can legitimately claim as part of your R&D investment, or your company’s eligibility for a government grant. Whilst you certainly could learn the detail of what’s involved and navigate the process yourself, this can consume a considerable amount of time – time that in many cases would be better spent on running your business and focusing on your clients. What’s more, it would be difficult to know whether you have made the best job of it or not, meaning you may risk missing out on all you are entitled to.

Because of our specialist and comprehensive expertise in this field, GSA can help to simplify and streamline the process for you. This means you can focus on your core business and feel confident that your application takes full advantage of any opportunities available to you.

With GSA’s guidance and advice you can:

  • Clearly identify your business’ eligibility for a grant or tax concession
  • Improve the likelihood of success of your grant application and eligibility of your tax deduction
  • Maximise a grant or tax concession by identifying every facet of your business that can contribute to a successful result
  • Optimise the structure of your operations so as to position your company for long-term grant and/or tax concession eligibility
  • Access our strategic, creative and insightful advice to help you grow your business to its full potential.

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